Orenda CV700 Enzyme Water Cleaner & Phosphate Control 1qt. ORE-50-220


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Orenda CV700 Catalytic Enzyme Swimming Pool Water Cleaner and Phosphate Control 1qt. ORE-50-220

CV-700 Catalytic Enzyme and Phosphate Remover Water Cleaner Concentrate is a unique, stabilized enzyme system with a phosphate remover. It effectively catalyzes the bio-oxidation of non-living organic contaminants and removes ortho-phosphates commonly found in pools, spas and other recreational water. Routine application of CV-700 will positively maintain water clarity, reduce both carbon-based and ortho-phosphate contamination of water, and boost chlorine efficiency.
CV-700 is NSF/ANSI Certified Standard 50 and 60*
*Drinking water safe
Made in the USA

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2 reviews for Orenda CV700 Enzyme Water Cleaner & Phosphate Control 1qt. ORE-50-220

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    Very Quick!

  2. Jennifer J.

    Very Quick!

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