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05131 Phosphate Remover Pool Perfect Plus Phosfree 3L 101.5oz by Natural Chemistry

Hassle Free Pool Maintenance

Pool Perfect + PHOSfree is a weekly maintenance product that reduces phosphates and non-living organic waste in pool water. Use it to make your water feel soft and silky while preventing problems such as; waterline rings, non-living organic staining, surface oils, and phosphate build up.

    • Maintains phosphate level near zero
    • Cleans waterline and filter while reducing surface oils and other non-living organics
    • Broad spectrum enzymes reduce the build-up or non-living organic contamination
  • Weekly dosage of Pool Perfect+PHOSfree will improve water quality and reduce maintenance


What causes phosphates to rise while on the maintenance of Pool Perfect + PHOSfree? Pool Perfect+PHOSfree is a weekly maintenance product that is designed to eliminate the average amount of organics and phosphates that are added to pool water on a weekly basis. Ensure phosphates are at 100ppb or less by testing phosphates on an algae free pool (chlorine must be below 5ppm). If phosphates are above 100ppb use PHOSfree to remove the bulk of the phosphates. Once the phosphates are below 100ppb then begin maintenance with Pool Perfect+PHOSfree. If phosphate levels continue to rise, the following may be the cause: fertilizers, metal sequestering products, scale products, or extreme rainfall. The above will cause phosphates to continue to rise above what Pool Perfect+PHOSfree can maintain. It is important to reduce/eliminate the source of the phosphates for Pool Perfect+PHOSfree to work properly.How do I test for phosphates?There are two options for testing phosphates: 1. Take a water sample into your local pool dealer and have them test your phosphates 2. Ask your local dealer for Natural Chemistry’s 10 strips consumer phosphate test kit. Test for phosphates on an algae free pool for accurate readings. Chlorine must be below 5ppm or it could bleach the reagent in the test strips.

Tips and Info

  • Before using Pool Perfect +PHOSfree you should always test your phosphate level and ensure that you are starting with a level between 0 and 100ppb.
  • Important: Algae must be treated first, prior to testing and lowering phosphates. Chlorine must be under 5ppm before testing phosphates.
  • Test your phosphate level, along with your other water chemistry, weekly.
  • The product color is milky brown.
  • Use 1 oz per 2000 gallons weekly added to the skimmer. For heavier bather loads the dosage may be doubled weekly.
  • You may swim immediately after adding.

Directions for use Pool Perfect+PHOSfree:

  1. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING- Contents may settle. After shaking product well, some solids may be still visible. PRODUCT PERFORMANCE IS NOT AFFECTED
  2. Each week, with filter running, simply add to your skimmer 1 capful (4oz) per 8,000 gallons (30,000L) of pool water

Note: Phosphates must be lower than 100ppb before using Pool Perfect+PHOSfree as a weekly maintenanceMSDS

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