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United Chemical Super Stain Treat SST-C12

  • Removes the most stubborn stains
  • Works on any surface
  • Gives results fast

The Super-Hero for Stains; Super Stain Treat is the most powerful stain remover on the market ?ó?é¼?Ç£ able to remove the toughest stains from any pool. No stain is too tough for the might of Super Stain Treat.

  • Product Type: Stain Remover
  • Used For: Mineral Stains
  • Dosage: 2.5 lbs per 15,000 gallons

It is important that all directions are followed as closely as possible to achieve the desired results. If all directions are followed, stains will be removed quickly and effortlessly.PREPARATION

  • STEP 1: Turn off Pump
  • STEP 2: Drop Chlorine below 0.3ppm; Before beginning treatment, use a chlorine nuetralizer to drop the residual below 0.3ppm.
  • STEP 3: Lower pH below 7.2; lower the pH below 7.2 for maximum effectiveness


  • STEP 4: Add 2.5 lbs Super Stain Treat per 15,000 gallons pool water.
  • STEP 5: After 1 hour, brush pool.
  • STEP 6: Rebalance pool according to dealer or manufacturer guidelines. Once pH rises above 7.2, pool pump can be turned back on.
  • STEP 7: After 4 days, add (1) 2 lbs bottle of Pool Stain Treat per 20,000 gallons of water to prevent future staining.
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