Bio-Dex Protect-All Supreme PAO32 – 2 Pack


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Bio-Dex Protect-All Supreme PAO32

Contains no Phosphonic AcidSuper ConcentratedOne quart treats 20,000 gallons. Maintenance dose: 3-4 oz. per 20,000 gallons weekly or 12 oz monthly.Controls swimming pool stain, scale, calcium, rust and corrosion. This product will not add phosphates to the water. Raise water, apply product, remove scale in 48 hours. Removes and prevents stain and scale. Controls metal including iron, rust and corrosion problems. Helps to stabilize PH. Completely stable and highly effective. Removes stains as shown in the pictures below

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2 reviews for Bio-Dex Protect-All Supreme PAO32 – 2 Pack

  1. Jack H.

    As advertised

  2. Rose F.

    As advertised

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