United Chemical Cobalt Cure CC-C12


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United Chemical Cobalt Cure CC-C12

Use for black spots on fiberglass and for spot preventionCobalt Cure is the first product that combines powerful dramatic performance with an economical price. Cobalt Cure will remove cobalt spots without draining.Cobalt Cure will also stop the recurrence of spots economically when used as a maintenance product. No 2-bottle treatment! No more expensive ascorbic acid! No more draining!Field tests by consumers and professional technicians show: Dramatic Performance Easy Preventive Maintenance Success on All Fiberglass and Acrylic Spas and PoolsCOBALT CURE IS EASY TO USE!Just follow instructions on the bottle.

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2 reviews for United Chemical Cobalt Cure CC-C12

  1. Brittany D.

    Lowest price I could find

  2. Raymond D.

    Lowest price I could find

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