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Black Algea Scraper for Plastered Swimming Pools made by PooTool 145

Pool Tool’s new Black Algae Plaster Pool is an easy way to remove black algae from plaster pools, and is more effective than a wire brush. The Black Algae Plaster Pool snaps onto any telepole and easily scrapes the algae off pool. It is also helpful for smoothing rough calcium deposits.

The Black Algae Scraper from Pool Tool effortlessly attaches to any telescopic pole, offering an excellent solution for eliminating black algae from plaster pools. This scraper outperforms a wire brush and is also useful for smoothing rough calcium deposits.

Introducing the PoolTool Black Algae Scraper: A Specialized Solution for Plastered Swimming Pools, Crafted by PoolTool.

Dive into the world of unparalleled pool maintenance with the PoolTool Black Algae Scraper, meticulously designed for plastered swimming pools. Engineered by PoolTool, a trusted name in pool care, this advanced scraper is your go-to solution for tackling persistent black algae and addressing the challenge of rough calcium deposits.

Crafted with precision, the PoolTool Black Algae Scraper seamlessly attaches to any telescopic pole, providing you with a versatile and efficient tool for maintaining the pristine condition of your pool. Unlike traditional wire brushes, this scraper stands out as a more effective choice, ensuring a thorough removal of black algae without compromising on the integrity of your pool’s plaster.

Beyond its prowess in black algae removal, this scraper proves its versatility by adeptly smoothing rough calcium deposits. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of calcium build-up as the PoolTool Black Algae Scraper effortlessly glides over rough surfaces, leaving your pool looking and feeling rejuvenated.

Priced at $145, this investment in pool care promises long-lasting results, contributing to the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your plastered swimming pool. Elevate your pool maintenance routine with the PoolTool Black Algae Scraper – where efficiency, quality, and innovation converge for an exceptional pool care experience.

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3 reviews for PooTool Plastered Swimming Pool Black Algea Scraper 145

  1. Peter V.

    Quality product

  2. Melissa W.

    Quality product

  3. Bill Bellotte

    Very compident and helpful
    Very pleased with how the process went on

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