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Oreq Swimming Pool Black Algae Algaecide ClearView AlgaeCure Granular 99% Trichlor 2 lb.

The following is only the basic usage directions. Refer to the actual product label for First Aid,
Warnings and other statements of use.

Algaecure can be used as a super chlorinator and effective algaecide for black algae in white plaster pools, leaving safe, sanitary, sparkling water.

ClearView AlgaeCure Granular 99% Trichlor Usage:

Elimination of Existing Algae Growth:
ClearView AlgaeCure Granular 99% Trichlor is highly effective for control of black and green algae infestations and will aid in the removal of algae only when pool or spa is not in use. Repeat treatment whenever visible algae growth occurs. Turn off filter and pump prior to application and keep off for at least 8 hours after treatment.
1. Brush algae spots on walls and bottom with a recommended algae brush.
2. Sprinkle this product directly over pool or spa walls and/or bottom where algae growth appears.
Use approximately 16 ounces of this product per 10,000 gallons of pool water. For spas, use 3/4 – 1 ounce per 500 gallons. For heavy algae growth, dosage may be doubled.
3. Brush algae spots again with a recommended brush and vacuum debris to waste.
Swimming pools and spas should be super chlorinated once each 7-10 days
when not in use, after rain or dust storms, during hot weather, and whenever water is cloudy or
floating algae appears on the water surface. Broadcast 7 1/2 to 15 ounces of this product per 10,000
gallons pool water over the deepest end of the pool. For spas, use 3/8 to 3/4 ounces of this product
per 500 gallons. Spread evenly over water surface of spa.
After Treatment:
1. Measure pH of swimming pool or spa water immediately after application. Use a reliable test kit. If
necessary, adjust and maintain pH within 7.2 – 7.6 range. pH Down (dry acid) lowers pH. pH Up (soda
ash) raises pH. Follow directions for use contained on the labeling of these products.
2. Reentry into treated swimming pools or spas is prohibited above levels of 3.0 ppm available

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