520500 Pentair 520489 ScreenLogic 2 Wireless Interface


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Pentair ScreenLogic 2 Wireless Interface for IntelliTouch EasyTouch 520535 520489 520500

523434 and 520500 parts make 522104(same as EC-522104).
If you need a 522104
(same as EC-522104) kit, you may buy 523434 and 520500 and save.
Pentair prohibits the sale of the EC-522104 kit at a price lower than $739 online.

The new Pentair ScreenLogic Mobile app gives IntelliTouch systems with ScreenLogic interfaces WiFi access through an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Controlling pool and spa operations couldn’t be easier : or more convenient. Once the software is installed, you can control everything from pool and spa temperatures, jets, lighting, water features, remote video monitoring, and more : right from an iPhone or iPod touch. Imagine being able to:

  • Easily turn on spa and adjust the desired temperature on the way home from work.
  • Control all circuits (waterfalls, pool lights, fountains, and more) and review history of temperature, pool/spa, heater, and light operation.
  • Remotely view live video on up to 4 video cameras.
    (Requires optional Video and Lighting protocol adapter PN520854Z)

The new software is available free at the Apple App Store. Just browse the App Store in iTunes and type in the search termScreenLogicto quickly find.

For new IntelliTouch purchasers, the easiest and most cost-effective way to add control access via iPhone and iPod touch is to purchase a ScreenLogic PC interface kit (Part # 520500).

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