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IntelliFlo SuperFlo VS Pool Pump Motor Cover ABF100 10100


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SunMuf Swimming Pool IntelliFlo SuperFlo Variable Speed VS WhisperFlo Pump Motor Cover Noise Reducer made by Afras ABF100 10100


Swimming SunMuf Pool Pump Motor Noise Reducer Cover Features:

  • Fully insulated
  • UV resistant, high temperature thermoplastic with flame retardant foam.
  • No tools required for assembly and disassembly
  • Properly vented for cooling and heat dissipation with knockout sections provided for additional ventilation.
  • Pre-cut parts and knockout sections to fit your needs
  • Designed to enclose the motor and or pump wet end section.

Swimming SunMuf Pool Pump Motor Noise Reducer Cover Packaging:

  • 2 End Plates (1 precut)
  • 3 Enclosure Plates (2 with precut square vents and one without vent cut out)
  • 1 cover plate.
  • 3 Clips
  • Assembly Instruction

Swimming SunMuf Pool Pump Motor Noise Reducer Cover Assembly: Motor Enclosure

  1. With end plate in upright position (flat edge at bottom) Insert locking sections of the end plates into the slot of the enclosure plates with precut vents located at bottom (Fig. 2). Press down the end plate until it bottoms down and corners are at the same level. Install End plate (precut) with cut towards bottom (Fig.1).
  2. Position enclosure plate panel (Fig. 2) (without vents) and press down until locking pins are fully extended through the slot. This will form the roof section.
  3. Install SunMuf with cut straddling the motor (Fig. 3).


Assembly: Pump Wet End

  1. Determine suction inlet distance from ground.
  2. Knock out suction piece for the inlet as required (you may use a pliers or hammer)
  3. Remove knock out piece of the roof panel (Enclosure plate without vent cut out)
  4. Assemble parts as in the Motor Enclosure section.
  5. Install enclosure with cut straddling the motor.
  6. Install cover plate with sliding through slot (Fig. 4).

For complete PUMP (Motor and Pump Wet End) enclosures, two assembly SunMuf units are required (Fig. 5). It’s not necessary to assemble the precut end plate of the pump wet end assembly (Fig. 4). To secure the two assemblies use the six clips provided (three clips in each package).

Note: Strainer pot of the pump can be checked or cleaned by removing Pump Wet End only.


Afras Industries Pump Sound Suppressor,
Size: 15 Inch x 15 Inch,
Packaging Quantity: 1/Box

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for IntelliFlo SuperFlo VS Pool Pump Motor Cover ABF100 10100

  1. Roger U.

    Super fast delivery

  2. Pamela F.

    Super fast delivery

  3. Jacub

    Invested in this to protect my intelliflo pump. I think it well worth it

  4. Georgy M.

    Fits my intelliflo pump perfectly

  5. Larry N.

    Bought this cover for my Intelliflo pump after replacing the keypad on it.

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