Effortless Swimming Pool Surface Cleaning with the Pooldevil Pro

What’s the best product to use for cleaning swimming pool surface?

Pooldevil Pro Automatic Swimming Pool Surface Cleaner 100039

Pooldevil Pro Automatic Swimming Pool Surface Cleaner 100039

Maintaining a sparkling clean swimming pool can be a time-consuming and often tedious task. Fortunately, advancements in pool cleaning technology have given pool owners the opportunity to enjoy a pristine pool without the hassle of manual skimming and debris removal. In this blog post, we’ll explore a game-changing product that can automate swimming pool surface cleaning, making your pool maintenance a breeze.

The Pooldevil Pro: A Revolutionary Solution Say goodbye to laborious pool cleaning routines and welcome the Pooldevil Pro into your pool maintenance arsenal. This innovative pool surface cleaner is designed to transform your pool cleaning experience with its cutting-edge features.

1. Effortless Installation: Setting up the Pooldevil Pro is a straightforward process. The device easily connects to your existing water return line using the provided adaptors, eliminating the need for complicated installations. In just a few simple steps, you’ll have your Pooldevil Pro up and running, ready to tackle debris in your pool.

2. Innovative Skimming Technology: Equipped with revolutionary skimming technology, the Pooldevil Pro creates a circular flow within your pool. This intelligent design intercepts and captures leaves, twigs, and other floating debris before they settle at the bottom. No more manual skimming or unsightly debris ruining your pool experience!

3. Auto Positioning for Optimal Cleaning: The Pooldevil Pro positions itself along the pool wall, allowing your existing pool cleaner to move more freely. This smart placement ensures that your entire pool surface is covered, leaving no debris behind. Relax and enjoy your pool while the Pooldevil Pro takes care of the cleaning.

4. Adaptability to Various Pool Types: Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, the Pooldevil Pro is adaptable to different pool types and sizes. Its versatility makes it a suitable choice for pool owners with varying setups.

5. What’s Included: The Pooldevil Pro comes with all the necessary components for a seamless cleaning experience, including the Pooldevil Pro head, filter locking ring, hose, L-connector, U-clip, 2 Maxi filter socks, 2-inch internal thread aim flow fitting, and a 2-inch external thread aim flow fitting.

Conclusion: Investing in the Pooldevil Pro is not just about automating your pool cleaning; it’s about reclaiming your time and enjoying a consistently clean and inviting swimming pool. Upgrade your pool maintenance routine with this revolutionary product and experience the convenience of automated swimming pool surface cleaning. Dive into a world of hassle-free pool maintenance with the Pooldevil Pro today!

Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty excluding the filter bags makes it a no brainer.

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