WhisperFlo Replacement Variable Speed Pump Kit 110V/220V 1.5HP


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WhisperFlo Swimming Pool Pump Replacement Variable Speed Pump Kit 110V/220V 1.5HP

The kit includes a WhisperFlo SuperFlo Challenger Pump Variable Speed Motor 1.65 THP and WhisperFlo Pump Wet Fluid End.

The kit includes all the necessary components  to assemble a variable speed pump replacement for 1.5HP Pentair WhipserFlo Swimming Pool Pump.

The kit ships in 2 shipments – Motor and the Wet Fluid End.

Does not come with and assembly manual.

Motor Specifications:

  • Variable Speed Operation (600-3450 RPM)
  • Simplified Single Button User Interface
  • Dual Voltage 230/115 VAC, with Automatic Voltage Detection
  • Freeze Protection
  • Easy to Install
  • TEFC Design
  • Class F Insulation
  • 50°C Ambient
  • 50/60 Hz

Nameplate Specifications

Technical Specifications

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