Waterway Santanna II Air Blower 1.5 HP 110V 750-3151-280

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Waterway Santanna Blower 1.5 HP 110V 750-1511-280


  • Virtually noise-free because the motor is enclosed with an inner casing made from durable polypropylene, which flexes to allow the motor to vibrate silently.
  • Foam material added to further reduce noise.
  • Side or bottom mount.
  • Heat-free due to open air system that eliminates back pressure build-up.
  • Internal check valve resists water damage.
  • Thermally protected for locked motor condition and equipped with automatic reset.
  • Mounting body is Hi Temp PVC, eliminating the need for wall mounting.
  • Side/Bottom outlet is perfect for any outdoor installasion and a slip plug is included for the outlet not in use.
  • UL and CSA component recognized motors.
  • Santanna air blowers for residential use are backed by full one-year. no water damage, warranty.
  • Bracket on case for easy mouting.




ORIFICE DIAMETER___________________2

AIR FLOW(CFM)_____________________120


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2 reviews for Waterway Santanna II Air Blower 1.5 HP 110V 750-3151-280

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  2. Raymond L.

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