Waterway Power Defender 140 1.4HP Variable Speed Pump PD-140


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Waterway Power Defender 1.4HP 115V/220V VSP Swimming Pool and Spa Variable Speed Pump PD-140

High Performance & Ultra Quiet Variable Speed Pool & Spa Pump Provides You with up to 90% Energy Savings
Innovative, Patent Pending Technology Automatically Actuates a Diverter Valve to Direct the Flow of Water to the Pressure Pool Cleaner and Increase the Pump Speed and Pressure
Built in Pool Control – to Automatically Schedule Your Pool Operation, Run the pumps in Designated Speed, and Actuate Diverter Valves to Run in Pool Filtration, Spill Over and Spa Mode
The Latest Technology Variable Speed Motors, Totally Enclosed Construction with a Powerful External Fan – Protects the Motor Against Dirt and Moisture and Provides for Extremely Cool Operation of the Motor

High performance & ultra quiet variable speed pool & spa pump provides you with up to 90% energy savings.
Innovative, patent pending technology automatically actuates a diverter valve to direct the flow of water to the pressure pool cleaner and increase the pump speed and pressure.
Built in pool control – easily program various day, time and speed settings, and actuate diverter valves to run in pool filtration, spill over and spa mode.
The latest technology variable speed motors, totally enclosed construction with a powerful external fan – protects the motor against dirt and moisture and provides for extremely cool operation of the motor.
Changes from 230V to 115V at the flip of a switch
No drop in horsepower at either voltage!
Energy Star approved

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