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United Chemical Caltreat Calcium Hardness Remover CPT-C12

CalTreat is a uniquely formulated blend of propietary ingredients. When applied as directed, CalTreat will reduce calcium levels 200-400 ppm and help prevent calcium scale formation on the pool surface and pool equipment.1. Increase the pH of the water to 7.8-8.2 and maintain this level for 5 days following treatment.2. On day 2, check pH level to ensure a 7.8-8.2 level before applying treatment. Determine pool volume and add 2.5 lbs. of CalTreat per 15.000 gallons.3. Pour CalTreat bottle contents around poo/spa perimeter.4. Maintain proper circulation for at least 24 hours in pool or 3 hours in spa.5. Brush entire pool/spa every day for 5 days.6. On day 6, backwash filter and clean filter baskets. Add Pool Stain Treat or Salt Treat to help prevent calcium deposits and staining.

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