Taylor Dropper Bottle 0.75 oz Sulfuric Acid 12N R-0009-A


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Sulfuric Acid 12N Dropper Bottle 0.75 oz made by Taylor R-0009-A

Taylor Technologies Sulfuric Acid .12N, Container Size: 3/4 oz, Dropper Bottle Container, Chemical Composition: 95-99% Deionized Water, 0.1-5% Sulfuric Acid, Storage Temperature: 36-85 deg F (2-29 deg C), Clear, Form: Liquid, Odor: Odorless, PH Range: 1.3, Boiling Point: 212 deg F (100 deg C), Vapor Pressure: 17 mm Hg, Vapor Density: 0.6, Specific Gravity: 1.00, Relative Density: 1.00 g/cm3, Solubility: Soluble in All Proportions, VOC Content: 100%, Shelf Life: 1 year

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