Swimming Pool Spa Plumbing PVC Pipe Cutter MCC VC-0363


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Swimming Pool Spa Plumbing PVC Pipe Cutter MCC VC-0363

In 1979, the first original patent for PVC Pipe Cutter was patented in the US by MCC Corporation. They are the creator with the idea to cut the PVC pipe in a way of scissors when people was cutting by saw. Their concept through research and development completely changed the world’s view the plumbing, irrigation, waterworks, mechanical, and any industries involving plastic pipes. The advantage of using a PVC Pipe Cutter allows for faster, cleaner, and less effort cuts. Manufacturing millions of cutter over the past 30 years, MCC is recognized as a top brand for PVC Pipe Cutters internationally.

  • Product Code : VC-63ED
  • Cutting Capacity
    Inch (mm) : ~ 2 1/2 (63)
  • Pipe Size
    inch : 2
  • Replacement
    Blade : VCE-0363
  • MCC Pipe cutters are designed specifically for clean shearing cuts of PVC schedule 40 and 80, polyethylene, and CPVC pipe.
  • Well-designed components provide longer lasting sustainability making the cutter highly economical (Proven by sustainability test on PVC Sch 80, 13,000 cuts).
  • The blades are made of special alloy steel and carefully heat-treated along with precision cutting edges that sustain the working condition through time, which is economical and environmental friendly.
  • Advance ratchet design reduces distance between ratcheting.
  • The blade, ratchet, and spring have a rust-free finish.
  • Simple blade exchange.
  • Made in Japan

Six BIG Features:

  1. DuraBladeTM-VC-0363
    New design blade with double bevel edge provides:
    1) less pipe-cracking during cold temperatures (test proven),
    2) more endurance and longer life span of the blade.
    We take three processes when sharpening the blade during production. Many manufacturers simply take one or two steps in the production process. We believe by investing more on the cutter with DuraBladeTM design will potentially lessen the trouble at job sites in comparison in having a less expensive cutter that would require frequent blade changes.
  2. Ergonomic Handle Design
    Does your arm get tired cutting large quantity of PVC pipes a dayThis negative side effect is caused by the handle design and leverage. MCC ED series are designed based on the human ergonomics and in maximizing the leverage in using less-effort by the user. This is the PVC Pipe cutter that you feel easier in cutting than any other cutters in the market. You definitely agree once you cut Sch 80.
  3. Non Slippable Ratchet Mechanism
    MCC ED series has two components to ratchet the gear on its blade. The Ratchet which feeds the blade and the Pawl which keeps the blade in position. The Ratchet is well designed and avoids slipping from the gear. The Pawl helps in cutting soft flexible tubing by avoiding blade bounce-back.
  4. Quick Release Blade Function
    Particularly when cutting 2 pipe, one hand is required for the cutter and another hand is required for the pipe. After finishing the first cut, you would need to open the blade for the next cut. MCC ED series does not require using your both hand to release the blade because there is a feature that allows you one hand on releasing the blade to finishing a cut. This is done by pushing the bottom handle downwards completely in order to open the blade for the following cut. That way, you do not need to place your pipe on the ground to open the blade with your both hands.
  5. imple Blade Exchange
    MCC fabricated a simple way a blade replacement. There are no tiny screws or parts to be loosened.
    1) Remove spring hook from blade
    2) Unscrew bolt
    3) Replace blade
    4) Secure bolt and push spring hook to the hole of blade
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