Original Authentic OEM Raypak 302A 402A 502A 652A Economaster II Control Board 004675F


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Raypak 302A 402A 502A 652A Economaster II Energy Saving Pump Control for Raypak Heating and Hot Water Boilers Board 004675F

  • 3 – 10 min adjustable pump delay
For use in commercial hydronic heating and domestic hot water applications, with Raypak boilers and water heaters.
• Raytherm
• Hi Delta
The Raypak Economaster II is a solid-state time-delay relay which regulates pump operation to optimize system efficiency and reduce operating costs. It activates the pump as needed to support hot water demand, and shuts the pump down only after evacuating the boiler’s residual heat to the heating system or hot water storage tank. The Economaster II saves money in several ways.
Electrical costs are reduced, since the pump is not running constantly. In addition, gas costs are cut, because residual heat that would otherwise es-cape through the flue is captured, and water is not subject to cooling during unnecessary circulation through the system. Finally, without constant wa-ter circulation, wear and tear on the boiler water-ways is also reduced, prolonging the life of the boiler. And the Economaster II delivers these savings regardless of variable load conditions experienced by the boiler!


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