Phantom Turbo Manifold Gearbox Hayward AX6000MA3GA


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Hayward Phantom Turbo Manifold Gearbox AX6000MA3GA

AX6000MA3GA and AX6000MA3GABK Turbo Manifold Gearbox kit removal Installation Instructions.

  1. Turn cleaner over so suction inlet is facing
    upwards and remove 5 screws (N1)
  2. Turn cleaner back over to sit on its wheels
    and carefully remove deck assembly (N2)
  3. Remove 2 floats (N3) and vactube (N4)
  4. Remove manifold retaining screw (N5)
    and lift out manifold / gearbox assy (N6)
    taking care to disengage gearbox
    linkage (N7) from switch assy (N8) in lower
    housing. Lift out lower spinout jet (N9) from
    its location with lower housing.
  5. Remove tank assy (N10)from old manifold
    by removing 2 screws (N11)
  6. Install tank assy (N10) on new manifold and
    replace 2 screws (N11).
  7. Install new manifol Gearbox assy (N6)
    making sure gearbox switch linkage (N7)
    engages with switch assembly (N8)
    Replace front spinout jet (N9) on lower
    housin and replace manifold retaining
    screw (N5)
  8. Replace 2 floats (N3) and vactube (N4)
  9. Replace deck assembly (N2) , carefully
    turn cleaner over so suction inlet faces
  10. Replace 5 deck mounting screws (N1)

Maintenance Update
Phantom/Viper Turbo Manifold Inlet Filter Screen.

Inlet Filter Screen is available as spare part AX6004R1.

  • Inlet filter screen stays in manifold inlet when hose is removed for storage.
  • If there is debris in the filter it can be removed for cleaning by grasping the bar and gently pulling while twisting.
  • Rinse to ensure that all debris and sand is removed from the inlet filter screen.
  • Before replacing in manifold, check that there is no debris visible inside of manifold inlet. lf sand or debris can be seen, gently rinse out manifold with inlet pointed down.


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