Pentair 1.5 in. Spring Check Valve U3 Skimmer 08655-0007


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U3 Skimmer 1.5 in. Spring Check Valve made by Pentair 08655-0007

This check valve is for use only with Swimquip brand
U-3 surface skimmers in systems having an equalizer
wall fitting and equalizer line running to the skimmer.

Install check valve finger tight in equalizer port of skimmer
(see Figure 1). Do not use pipe thread sealant; do
not use a wrench or pliers when tightening.

Check valve prevents suction through equalizer line
unless the water level in the skimmer drops so far that
the float valve closes. When float closes, check valve
opens to allow pump to draw water from equalizer wall
fitting, preventing damage to pool circulation pump.

Inspect equalizer check valve regularly for disk wear or
loose spring tension on the check valve disk. Valve does
not need to be removed from skimmer for inspection.

If there is suction through equalizer wall fitting while
skimmer float valve is in the open (up) position, the
check valve is leaking. Inspect valve for foreign objects
lodged under disk. If nothing is stuck in the valve,
replace valve.

NOTICE: Spring tension on the check valve disk is factory
set and not adjustable. If you suspect that the spring
tension has changed, or if the check valve has been disassembled,
do not try to fix or reuse it; replace it.

Consult U-3 Skimmer Installation and Operating
Information instructions (Publication No. 39501-0028)
for specific information about skimmer equalizer system
installation and maintenance.

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