PC Link Jandy PC Control of AquaLink RS 7270


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Jandy PC Link PC Control of AquaLink RS 7270

The AquaLink® RS PC-Computer Interface/
Docking Station allows you to use any personal
computer that has a Windows® operating system to monitor
and control the operation of your AquaLink RS
system as well as download and upload programs
and settings. All functions of the AquaLink RS
can be accessed from the computer; for example,
you can turn on the filter pump, change the heater
thermostat setting, or run any auxiliary function.
The interface has the option to display a control
panel on the computer screen that simulates the
AquaLink RS All Button or OneTouchTM control

After you use the AquaLink RS PC-Computer
Interface/Docking Station to program your
AquaLink RS system with your desired settings,
you can use the AquaLink PC Dock application to
save these settings to a file. The settings file can
then be downloaded to the Power Center PCB of
other AquaLink RS systems.

For more information click on Jandy

This item can be used with:

  • AquaLink RS All Button,
  • OneTouch,
  • Touch Panel user interfaces.
  • NOT compatible with PDA systems.
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