Paramount 10 in. SDX2 Pool Main Drain Cover Gray 004-192-2212-02


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Paramount 10 in. SDX2 Swimming Pool Main Universal Drain Cover Gray 004-192-2212-02

SDX2 is a high flow suction outlet suitable for use as a wall fitting, or as a floor fitting when debris removal is not a concern. Available for concrete, vinyl and fiberglass pools, SDX2 performs at a very high flow rate while operating at one of the lowest velocity ratings in the industry. SDX2 boasts a flow rating of 188 gpm on the floor and 154 gpm on the wall.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Paramount 10 in. SDX2 Pool Main Universal Drain Cover

  • NO SUMP REQUIRED = TIME SAVED. No need to fi eld fabricate a sump to meet the ‘1.5 times the pipe diameter’ requirement.
  • Low velocity 1.396 feet per second at the maximum (188 gpm) fl ow rating.
  • Patented ribbed design achieves very high fl ow via 60 independent fl ow partitions.
  • Approved as a bulkhead fi tting as the safety is in the cover and backplate.
  • Anti-vortex center shield blocks contact with direction suction.
  • SDX2 comes with a plaster ring for new applications.
  • SDX2 Retro comes with adaptable backplate to retrofi t suction fi ttings up to 10” in diameter.
  • Great for use with water features.
  • Life in years = 5 years installed
  • Available in colors to complement any interior surface


VGB 2008 Compliant. ANSI/APSP- 16 2011 • IAPMO tested and certified; a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) accredited by ANSI • USPC (uniform swimming pool, spa and hot tub code) compliant • IRC (International Residential Code), section 106.2 suction fittings – compliant.

• Paramount’s SDX2 and SDX2 Retro High Flow Safety Drains, are designed to meet the industry standard ANSI/
APSP- 16 2011 anti-entrapment requirements, and are tested and listed by IAPMO , to earn the premier Swimming Pool
Spa and Hot Tub Code (USPC) shield. Boasts a flow rate of 188 GPM on floor and 154 GPM on wall compatible with
pumps up to 3hp . In most cases, this eliminates the need to calculate the system total dynamic head. SDX2 has a 1.485
feet per second velocity at the opening at a maximum listed 188 GPM. Must be Installed with at least 2 SDX2 drains teed
together to comply with split suction codes. SDX2 serves as a wall drain and also as a floor drain if debris removal is not a
concern. SDX2 Retro can be installed as a single cover with an SVRS installed on the line.

•Approved for use on floors and side walls
• Patented ribs create sixty small drains that do not allow flow to increase in any one channel when blocked. This means
hair will not be pulled into the openings and entangled around the cover.
•Anti-vortex shield and channels redirect flow to block contact with direct-suction.
• SDX2 is approved as a bulkhead fitting so there is no need for the pipe to be 1½ times the pipe diameter back from
the cover. The SDX2 cover provides uniform suction regardless of pipe location.
• SDX2 Retro fits existing drain covers in concrete and vinyl pools up to 10” diameter
• High-flow rating for use with large HP or multiple pumps

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