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Leak Sealer For Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs Fix A Leak 32oz. made by Marlig FAL32

FIX-A-LEAK stands out as a powerful solution carefully designed to effectively seal leaks in various materials, addressing both shell and plumbing concerns. It creates a durable and long-lasting seal, effectively handling even the smallest holes measuring 1/8″ in diameter. The recommended application is 1 quart for pools up to 22,000 gallons, with a clear caution not to exceed 1 quart per 5,000 gallons of water.

Beyond its sealing capabilities, FIX-A-LEAK also excels as a preventive maintenance solution. Upon contact with surfaces, it forms a protective coating that prevents the onset of rust and corrosion. It’s essential to note that Marlig Industries and its Agents disclaim responsibility for the material’s performance.

For repairing swimming pool return lines using MARLIG Fix-A-Leak, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by thoroughly shaking the product before use.
  2. Emphasize bypassing FILTER MEDIA before introducing FIX-A-LEAK to water. For sand filters, adjust the valve to recirculate; for other types, remove cartridges or DE elements from the filter tank.
  3. Gradually introduce FIX-A-LEAK through the skimmer or any suction intake with the pump operational.
  4. Adjust suction to the main drain or, if necessary, utilize a vacuum cleaner in the pool’s deepest part.
  5. Given FIX-A-LEAK’s tendency to sink, manually stir it into suspension every 4-6 hours during water circulation.
  6. Maintain water circulation until the leak comes to a halt.
  7. Mark the pool’s water level and monitor for 2-3 days to confirm the cessation of the leak.
  8. Once the leak stops and cures (24-48 hrs.), return to regular filtration.

For suction side repairs:

  1. Thoroughly shake FIX-A-LEAK before application.
  2. Suction leaks typically manifest with air mixed with water at return fittings.
  3. Reverse the water flow using a submersible pump and a drum or large garbage pail.
  4. Disconnect the problematic skimmer or drain line at the pool pump and create a closed loop using temporary plumbing.
  5. Fill the drum with water, add FIX-A-LEAK, and circulate for 4-6 hours or until the leak stops.
  6. Allow a minimum of 72 hours for the material to cure before resuming normal operation.

For simplified homeowner suction side repairs:

  1. Immerse the FIX-A-LEAK bottle in hot water for 10-15 minutes and shake well.
  2. Pour a portion of the product into the skimmer with the pump off, then briefly turn the pump on to move the product into the line.
  3. With the pump off, add the remaining FIX-A-LEAK into the skimmer and let it sit for three days.
  4. Ensure the line is filled with water, as FIX-A-LEAK hardens when exposed to air. This method is most effective for leaks on the bottom portion of the line and typically succeeds around 70% of the time.
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