Leisure Time Spa Hot Tub Chlorine Test Strips 45010A


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Chlorine Test Strips Spa Hot Tub made by Leisure Time 45010

leisure Time Spa and Hot Tub Test Strips provide the fastest and easiest way totest spa or pool water.The important tips below will aissure proper use of the strips andaccurate results Simply swirle strip three times under the water surface an removeit with the pods facing up. The strip is now ready for comparison to the color chart onthe side of the bottle. Test the water 3 to 5 times a week after the initial start up andthen twice a week alter the results have remained at the ideal level. Test spa waterbefore each use to assure appropriate Bromine levels are maintained. Testing andtreating spa and pool water properly can avoid unnecessary chemical treatments andindicate when treatments are required to protect the bather and the spa or pool.


  • Store strips indoors and away from extreme heat or sunlight.
  • To open push tab up witlh thumb and shake out a strip. Avoid wet ?¼üngersinside the vial promptly after removing a strip.
  • To close, press the center of the cap down ?¼ürmly until it snaps.
  • In spas, turn off jiets and immerse the strip to 6′ below the water surlace and swirl three times to measure results.
  • In pools, immerse the strip to elbow depth to test a representative sample.
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