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Bright and Clear 32oz A by Leisure Time

Bright and Clear is specially designed for hot water application. Spa water becomes cloudy because millions of small, suspended particles accumulate in the water. The particles are too small to be filtered out. By using Bright and Clear, the small particles combine to form larger particles that can be trapped by the filter to improve water clarity.

Useful Tips

  • Clears cloudy spa water fast
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers

Safe for Ozone-Does not cause build-up!Developed especially for hot water treatment, this clarifier utilizes unique polymer action that neutralizes and removes dirt, soap, oily films and suspended particles for clean, fresh water.Features:Adds sparkle to spa waterHelps spa filter perform at peak efficiencyReduces sanitizer demand by removing dirt particlesNo waiting after treatmentApplications:Weekly:1. Turn OFF all equipment.2. Turn ON air blower or spa jets.3. Add Bright and Clear directly to spa. Use 2 oz. for spas up to 800 gallons. Use 4 oz. for spas over 800 gallons.4. Allow blower or jets to run a few minutes.5. Turn ON filter system until water is bright and clear.Tips:Use weekly as a part of the Simple Spa Care ProgramCompatible With:Chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers

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2 reviews for Leisure Time Bright & Clear 32oz. A – 4 Pack

  1. Kenneth K.

    Quality product

  2. Arthur V.

    Quality product

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