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Jandy Sensor Adapter Cable R Kit PureLink W/AKC13 R0538600


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PureLink W/AKC13 Sensor Adapter Cable R Kit made by Jandy R0538600

For all PureLink systems with AKC13 front board to install a Tri-Sensor with an adapter, an additional cable assembly part number R0538600 is required due to the limited space between the AKC13 front board and the power center.

To install a Tri-Sensor Adapter on an AKC13 front board:

  1. Turn OFF power to Aqua/Pure/PureLink Systems and circulation pump.
  2. Open the door to the power center and access the AKC13 front board.
  3. Disconnect the tri-sensor cable 8-pin connector from the AKC13 front board
  4. Connect the cable assembly R0538600 to the tri-sensor connector of the AKC13 front board. See Figure 1
    • Note: Make sure that the colors of the wires of both cables match to each other as shown in Figure 1, otherwise the installation will not work.
  5. Connect the flow adapter cable 8-pin connector into the 8-pin male connector on the tri-sensor adapter.
  6. Insert the flow adapter cable assembly through the clear tubing and position the clear tubing around the tri-sensor adapter as shown in Figure 2.
  7. Turn ON power to the AquaPure/PureLink systems and circulation pump.
    • (source for the installation procedure: Jandy H0366100 and H0366900)

R0538600 kit contains:

  • 1-Flow Adapter Cable Assembly, PureLink
  • 1-1.5in. Clear Tubing
  • 1-6in. Plastic Wire Tie
  • 1-Installation Kit Instructions


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