Infusion Venturi Inlet Fitting V-Fitting Jet VRFTHWH


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Infusion Venturi Inlet Fitting V-Fitting Jet 1-1/2in. MPT White VRFTHWH

Infusion Venturi Inlet Fitting V-Fitting Jet VRFTHWH provides Enhanced Circulation Creating an Easier to Service Water Quality.

  • Reduce Energy Costs, Extend Your Swim Season
  • Benefit from Cleaner, Healthier Water
  • Sweep debris towards the main drain
  • Will Pay for Itself and Keep Paying You Back
  • Go Green while saving money and improving water quality
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 360 degree adjustability allows for directional control of circulation. Aimed downwards, V-Fittings disrupt debris from side walls and floor increasing the effectiveness of swimming pool filters while preventing sediment buildup.
  • Target dead spots, steps and benches eliminating various algae buildup while improving chemical disbursement.
  • Complements In-Floor cleaning systems and keeps automatic pool cleaners moving.
  • V-Fittings direct water flow in a tumbling motion improving skimmer performance.
  • Enhanced circulation creates an easier to service swimming pool saving service professionals time, money and energy.
  • Increased directional flow enhances circulation providing for a more efficient turnover.
  • Improved turnover and filtration allows for reduced circulating pump operating time.
  • V-Fittingsā€™ 60 degree venturi deep heats, using warmer surface water, reducing pool heater operating times while improving solar system performance.
  • Increased flow highly complements the use of energy efficient circulating pumps.
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9 reviews for Infusion Venturi Inlet Fitting V-Fitting Jet VRFTHWH

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    Quality product

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    Quality product

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    Nice design

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    Very pleased with the transaction

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    Nice job!

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    Purchased Infusion Venturi Inlet Fitting V-Fitting Jet VRFTHWH

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