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Spa Brom-Start Sodium Bromide Care 2oz. 86258 – 5 Pack


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Spa Selections Spa Brom-Start Sodium Bromide Spa and Hot Tub Care 2 oz 86258 Pack of 5

Enjoy sparkling-clean hot tub water without the odor of chlorine bleach. Before sanitizing new hot tub water with bromine tablets, use Spa Selections Brom-Start to establish a reserve of bromide. Ideal for whenever you drain or refill your hot tub water. Spa Selections Brom-Start is part of the 2-Step Bromine Sanitizing System; apply directly to the hot tub water before sanitizing with Spa Selections Bromine Tablets. Pour 1/2 ounce of Brom-Start per 100 gallons of spa water to establish a 30 ppm (parts per million) bromide reserve. In addition to changing hot tub water every 90 days (or more frequently with more use), proper sanitization practices recommend shocking the spa after every use — especially if there are several users within a 24-hour period.

  • Contains one 2-oz. pouch of Spa Selections Brom-Start
  • Brom-Start is part of a 2-part bromine sanitizing system; use with Spa Selections Bromine Tablets
  • Establishes a reserve of bromide in spa or hot tub water — not a disinfectant
  • Helps keep your spa sparkling clean with low odor
  • Apply directly to hot tub water when starting up or refilling
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8 reviews for Spa Brom-Start Sodium Bromide Care 2oz. 86258 – 5 Pack

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    Well done!

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    As advertised

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  8. Walter S.

    Got HTH Spa Brom-Start Sodium Bromide Care 2oz. 81107 – 5 Pack

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