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Hayward Wallmount Remote OmniLogic HLWALLMOUNT


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HLWALLMOUNT OmniLogic Wallmount Remote made by Hayward

Wired Wall Mount Terminal
Touchscreen Terminal for OmniLogic

The HLWALLMOUNT is a remote touchscreen terminal that wires directly to the OmniLogic pool
automation controller. It is designed to fasten to a wall giving the user convenient access for
monitoring and controlling their pool. Up to two HLWALLMOUNTs can be installed and connected
to the OmniLogic. After installation, the OmniLogic will detect the new HLWALLMOUNT(s) and
automatically configure itself to utilize the new terminal(s).

The HLWALLMOUNT is compatible with all OmniLogic pool controls.

OmniLogic Specifications

Part Number Description
HLBASE OmniLogic 4 Relay Base
HLRELAYBANK OmniLogic 4 Relay Module
HLRELAY OmniLogic 1 Relay Module
HLIOEXPAND OmniLogic Expansion Panel
HLWLAN OmniLogic Wireless Network Antenna
HLWALLMOUNT OmniLogic Wall-Mount Remote
HLWATERPROOF OmniLogic Wireless Waterproof Remote
GVA-24 Hayward Actuator-24 Volt
T-CELL-15 Hayward 40,000 Gallon Salt Cell
P-KIT Hayward Salt Plumbing Kit
HL-CHEM OmniLogic Sense and Dispense

Optional accessories can expand the functionality of the HLBASE. Determine your needs and select the necessary HLBASE accessories before you begin the installation.

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    Fast turnaround

  2. Alice F.

    Fast turnaround

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