Hayward Aquanaut 400 Suction Side 4 Wheel Pool Cleaner W3PHS41CST

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Hayward Aquanaut 400 Swimming Pool 4 Wheel Automatic Suction Side Cleaner W3PHS41CST

Hayward Aquanaut 400 W3PHS41CST is the online version of PBS42CST Aquanaut 450 Cleaner which is a Expert Line product and is sold only in brick and mortar stores.

AquaNaut 400 automatic suction pool cleaners are the only 4-wheel drive suction cleaners available. Patented V-Flex™ variable vane turbine technology handles larger debris without clogging and maximizes suction power at virtually any flow, making them ideal for use with variable speed pumps. With 4-wheel drive capability, all-terrain tires and adjustable roller skirt, AquaNaut 400 can expertly clean pools up to 20’ x 40’, including deep ends, without clogging or getting stuck. AquaNaut 450 is only available through your local pool professional.


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