Hasa Brominating Tablets 1.5lbs 84121


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Hasa Brominating Tablets 1in 1.5lbs 84121

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Ensure all spa equipment is working properly. Backwash the filter system following manufacturer’sdirections. Adjust pH to between 7.2-7.6. When using other products always follow directions on thoseproducts. Fill spa bromine feeder with HI-TEMP SPA BROMINATING TABLETS and adjust feederfollowing manufacturers directions to yield bromine residual between 2-4 ppm in residential spas and4-6 ppm in commercial spas. Check feeder regularly and add additional HI-TEMP SPABROMINATING TABLETS as needed to maintain the bromine residual. The pump and filter should beoperated for at least three hours every day whether spa is used or not. Do not heat water above 102?F. Keep the spa free of leaves and other debris. To maintain clear, clean water and insure theperformance of your spa chemicals, spa should be drained and refilled with fresh water every 60 daysin residential spas or a minimum of every 7 days in commercial spas.INGREDIENTS:ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 1-Bromo-3-chloro-5.5-dimethylhydantoin: : 96.00%INERT INGREDIENTS: : 4.00%TOTAL INGREDIENTS: : 100.00%NET WEIGHT 1.5LBS.

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