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Lid Trap Cover for Sta-Rite DynaGlas Max-E-Pro Dura-Glas II  Swimming Pool and Spa Pump C3-185P V26-362 made by Val-Pak in USA

The cover does not come with an o-ring.
The o-ring is sold separately:
Lid Trap Cover O-Ring for Sta-Rite DynaGlas Max-E-Pro Dura-Glas II  Swimming Pool and Spa Pump U9-375 O-12 V26-365 made by Val-Pak in USA

Introducing the Lid Trap Cover crafted exclusively for use with Sta-Rite DynaGlas Max-E-Pro and Dura-Glas II Swimming Pool and Spa Pump models C3-185P V26-362. Precision-engineered by Val-Pak in the USA, this Lid Trap Cover exemplifies top-notch quality and enduring durability.

Designed to seamlessly fit the specified pump models, the Lid Trap Cover ensures optimal performance and safeguards your pool or spa system by acting as a dependable shield against debris and foreign objects that could compromise efficiency.

Constructed with superior materials, this cover is built to withstand the challenging conditions of pool and spa environments. Its robust design guarantees a long lifespan, providing assurance and reducing the frequency of replacements. Val-Pak’s commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of this Lid Trap Cover, offering pool and spa owners a reliable solution for preserving their pump’s functionality.

Installation is effortless, thanks to the precisely engineered design that ensures a perfect fit. The Lid Trap Cover seamlessly integrates into your Sta-Rite pump system, streamlining the process of pool and spa maintenance.

Beyond its functional advantages, the Lid Trap Cover boasts a sleek and refined design that complements the aesthetic of your pool or spa area. Val-Pak seamlessly blends performance with aesthetics, ensuring that your pool equipment not only operates optimally but also enhances the overall visual appeal of your outdoor space.

Opt for the Lid Trap Cover designed for Sta-Rite DynaGlas Max-E-Pro and Dura-Glas II pumps, and enjoy the reliability and quality synonymous with Val-Pak products. Elevate your pool and spa maintenance with this Lid Trap Cover, made in the USA and crafted to meet the highest standards of excellence in the industry.

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    Very Quick!

  2. Ryan H.

    Very Quick!

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