MP Industries Automatic Swimming Pool Water Leveler White 1953-JW


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Automatic Swimming Pool Water Leveler Auto Fill With White Lid 1953-JW by MP Industries

The Auto-Lev is an accurate, easy to install device that will maintain exact water levels on pools, spas, hot tubs, fountains, ponds or water-holding tanks. It’s simple and easy-to-adjust float valve assembly is accurate and maintenance-free. Auto-Lev is constructed of durable high-impact plastic and sports a commercial grade. The plumbing port is a standard 1/2 female slip. The equalizer lines are 1 or 1-1/2 female slip. The top access lid is available in tan, white or gray to best fit your application. It also has a new accessory extension collar (4058) that raises the ring and lid 1.


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1 review for MP Industries Automatic Swimming Pool Water Leveler White 1953-JW

  1. Andrew

    Pathetic Manual but we use these and they are good. Install water with a pressure regulator.

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