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TSP10P 180 280 360 3900 Sport Polaris Presser Side Pool Cleaner Tail Sweep Pro Strip Clip 25563-300-100 by CMP

Polaris TailSweep Pro delivers 50% more flow for ultimate sweeping action, while also eliminating the sweep hose from spraying outside the pool.

The Polaris TailSweep is a simple retrofit accessory that prevents your Polaris pressure-side pool cleaner’s sweep hose from spraying water out of the pool and splashing windows, walkways, and precious landscaping.

This innovative accessory also delivers 50% more flow through its jet pump propulsion to improve sweeping.

  • Works on any Polaris pressure-side pool cleaner, including the 3900 Sport, 380, 360, 280, and 180 (comes standard on the new and improved 3900 Sport)
  • Simply snap the TailSweep Pro onto the end of the Sweep Hose
  • No tools required. Takes less than a minute to install
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