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Swimming Pool and Spa Conditioner Cyanuric Acid Test Kit 8 oz. made by Blue Devil B7525

Cyanuric Acid- Turbidity Test

Cyanuric Acid is often called stabilizer or conditioner because it reduces the loss of chlorine due to sunlight exposure.


  1. With test stick resting at the bottom of tube, fill pool water to line A on test stick.
  2. Now fill tube with test solution to line B on test stick.
  3. Mix solution by moving test stick up and down for 30 seconds, leaving test stick at the bottom position.
  4. Allow the mixture to set for approximately 2 minutes, but no longer than 5 minutes before continuing test.
  5. Now looking down through solution from the top, observe black dot. If black dot is not visible, raise test stick above water level and slowly lower it until black dot disappears. Now read the number value on the front of the test stick closest to water level, viewed through clear tube. This is your reading in parts per million of Cyanuric Acid to million parts of pool water.
  • If black dot still visible with the stick resting on the bottom of the test tube, your pool contains less than 20 ppm of
    Cyanuric Acid.
  • The recommended level of Cyanuric Acid is 30-70 ppm. If your water test over or under this range, consult a pool store specialist for advice.
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