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Arrow Spark-L Pool Tile Cleaner 1 Gallon 10-0930


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10-0930 Arrow Spark-L

Apply with tile brush or scrub pad. Scrub area, then rinse. SPARK-L tile cleaner is concentrated, so a small amouint goes a long way and wikll remain on brush longer.
If white film persists on tile, it may be removed with a scale off type of tile cleaner.
SPARK-L tile cleaner is olso used for spraying on the surface of the pool This will send floating debris to one area for removal and it improves visiblity when cleaning the bottom of teh pool it is best to dilute with water when using SPARK-L tile cleaner for this purpose.

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2 reviews for Arrow Spark-L Pool Tile Cleaner 1 Gallon 10-0930

  1. Marie R.

    Nice job!

  2. Jose M.

    Nice job!

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