Buy Pentair FNS Plus Filter in Los Angeles for The Lowest Price

Seeking to buy a Pentair FNS Plus DE swimming pool filter in Los Angeles for the best price? Wondering which store to contact?

Seeking to buy a Pentair FNS Plus DE swimming pool filter in Los Angeles for the best price? Wondering which store to contact?

Seeking to buy a Pentair FNS Plus DE swimming pool filter in Los Angeles for the best price? Wondering which store to contact?

The Pentair FNS Plus DE (Diatomaceous Earth) swimming pool filter is renowned for its exceptional filtration capabilities, offering unparalleled clarity and purity for pool water. This high-efficiency filter system utilizes diatomaceous earth as its filter media, which is known for its fine filtration qualities, capable of trapping particles as small as 5 microns. The FNS Plus model features a user-friendly design, including an easily accessible tank that simplifies maintenance and cleaning. Its durable, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene tank ensures longevity and resistance to chemical and weather elements, making it a robust choice for any residential or commercial pool. With its innovative flow design, the Pentair FNS Plus DE filter maximizes water filtration while reducing energy costs, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for maintaining crystal clear and healthy pool water.

The key differences between Trade Grade and online versions of Pentair FNS Plus swimming g Pool filters primarily revolve around their sales channels and pricing policies

The Pentair FNS Plus DE filters are available in various sizes to accommodate different pool volumes and filtration requirements, with each size offering a specific part number for easy identification. The standard versions of these filters, which are intended for sale through brick-and-mortar swimming pool supply stores as part of Pentair’s Trade Grade line, are identified by specific part numbers: the FNS Plus 36 filter has a part number of 180007, the FNS Plus 48 is denoted by 180008, and the FNS Plus 60 is marked as 180009. For customers looking to purchase these filters online, the corresponding versions carry an “EC-” prefix before the standard part number, indicating they are the online versions of these filters. Thus, the online versions are identified as EC-180007 for the FNS Plus 36 FNSP36, EC-180008 for the FNS Plus 48 FNSP48, and EC-180009 for the FNS Plus 60 FNSP60. This distinction ensures that consumers can identify and select the correct version of the filter they require, based on their purchasing preference, whether online or in-store. The actual products are the same.

Navigating Pentair’s MAP Policy: Impact on Local Stores and Customer Purchasing Strategies

Pentair has implemented a pricing policy for the online versions of its FNS Plus DE filters, denoted by part numbers starting with “EC-“, by setting a minimum advertised price (MAP). This strategy ensures that the price for these filters remains consistent across various online platforms, protecting the brand’s value and market positioning. However, this policy places a limitation on local brick-and-mortar stores, especially in regions like Los Angeles, where they are unable to advertise their best, lowest prices for these Pentair FNS Plus filters to their valued customers. As a result, customers seeking the best deals on Pentair filters may need to engage directly with local stores to inquire about potential discounts or special offers that are not advertised publicly due to the restrictions imposed by the MAP policy.

If you’re in Los Angeles and looking to buy a Pentair FNS Plus filter at the lowest price, reach out to the Best Pool Shop in Pasadena.

If you find yourself in Los Angeles and are on the hunt for the best deal on a Pentair FNS Plus filter, your search ends with the premier destination: the Best Pool Shop located in Pasadena. Renowned for its top-notch offerings and unparalleled customer service, this establishment is committed to ensuring that you not only find the product you need but also acquire it at the most competitive price available.
At the Best Pool Shop, their dedication to customer satisfaction drives every aspect of their operations. When it comes to pricing, they go above and beyond to secure the lowest possible rates for their valued clientele. Leveraging their extensive network of suppliers and industry connections, they diligently negotiate prices to ensure that customers receive exceptional value for their investment.
Furthermore, the team at the Best Pool Shop understands the importance of affordability without compromising on quality. They recognize that purchasing a Pentair FNS Plus filter is an investment in the longevity and efficiency of your pool system. As such, they prioritize offering competitive pricing without sacrificing the superior performance and reliability that Pentair products are known for.
Whether you’re a seasoned pool enthusiast or a novice homeowner looking to enhance your pool maintenance setup, the Best Pool Shop in Pasadena is your trusted ally in procuring the Pentair FNS Plus filter at the best possible price. With their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to delivering unbeatable value, you can rest assured that your pool needs are in capable hands.

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