Hayward Power-Flo II Pump Parts

Hayward Power-Flo II Diagram
SPX1705AA Pump Housing
SPX1705B Housing Cover with integral diffuser
SPX1500KA Seal Assembly with Cup
SPX1705Z1 Housing O-Ring Gasket
SPX1500N2 Housing Bolt, No. 10-24 Hex. Head
SPX1500Y2 Housing Nut, No. 10-24 Hex.
SPX1705C Impeller, 1/2 H.P.
SPX1707C Impeller, 3/4 H.P.
SPX1711C Impeller, 1 H.P.
SPX1500CAP Strainer Housing with Basket
SPX1500D2A Strainer Cover with O-Ring
SPX1500P Strainer Cover O-Ring
SPX1250RA Strainer Basket
SPX1500LX Strainer Basket
SPX1500RA Check Valve Assembly (1992 and prior)
SPX1500W Strainer O-Ring
SPX1700FG Drain Plug with Gasket – SP1700 Series Housing
SPX1500X1 Shim for vertical discharge (1999 and prior)
SPX1515C Strainer Housing C-Clip (2000-2003)
SPX1515CN Strainer Housing C-Clip (2004- )
SPX1500JS Union End Connector – Socket
SPX1500JT Union End Connector – Threaded
SPX1500G Union Nut
SPX1495Z1 O-Ring, End Connector
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