Jandy Type Swing Straight Check Valve 1.5in.-2in. 7235


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Jandy 7235 Replacement Pool Spa Plumbing Swing Straight  Check Valve 1.5in.-2in.

All the parts are interchangeable with the Jandy valves.
High quality item. Built to last.
Low price.

The Jandy Swing Straight Check Valve 1.5in.-2in. 7235 features a clear lid for easy inspection, as well as a unique swing/spring design.
It’s made of the toughest CPVC material and can easily be disassembled for clearing debris.

Jandy Swing Straight Check Valve 1.5in.-2in. 7235 is designed for both 1.5 inch  and 2 inch pipe.
1.5 inch pipe slip-fits into valve ports. 2 inch pipe is joined using a 2 inch pipe coupling, a 45 degree elbow, or a 90 degree elbow.

The internal valve assembly must be removed prior to gluing the valve body to pipe fittings.
Make certain no glue enters the valve body beyond the ports.

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