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Ramuc Swimming Pool Slide Coating Clear 0.5 Gallon 93009301


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Swimming Pool Slide Clear Coating 0.5 (half) Gallon Kit made by Ramuc

To get more technical information about the product, contact the manufacturer at 800-745-6756

Ramuc Swimming Pool Slide Clear Coating 0.5 (HALF) Gallon Kit Includes 2 Quarts (Part A + Part B) and is made for concrete and fiberglass slides.

Swimming Pool Slide Clear Coat cures to a tough, durable finish, providing chemical and abrasion resistance. Slide Coat is a high-gloss coating that will promote slippage, restoring old slides as well as sealing new backyard features. It is high solids with low odor, and is designed to optimize leveling and wetting properties, creating a smooth surface. Flexible and impact resistant.

Ramuc Swimming Pool Slide Clear Coating 0.5 (half) Gallon Kit

  • Fast cure
  • For concrete and fiberglass slides
  • Providing up to 4 years service life
  • High solids, high gloss polyaspartic
  • Resistant to UV degradation
  • VOC compliant in US and Canada

Ramuc Swimming Pool Slide Clear Coating 0.5 (half) Gallon Kit Technical Information

  • VEHICLE TYPE: Polyaspartic
  • COLORS: Clear
  • MIX RATIO: 1:1 by volume A:B
  • WORKING TIME: 30-45 minutes @ 75°F
  • SOLIDS BY VOLUME: 95% ± 2%
  • COVERAGE: 305 sq. ft/gallon @ 5.0 mils
  • VOC: 15g/L (as supplied)
  • FLASH POINT: >200° F (93° C)
  • PACKAGED: 2 quart kits
  • STORAGE: Indoors, 60°-100° F
  • APPLICATION METHOD: Brush, no thicker than 3/8” non-shedding roller
  • NUMBER OF COATS: 2 (product is self-priming)
  • APPLICATION TEMP: 35°F Min / 90°F Max; surface and ambient
  • HUMIDITY: 30% Min / 85% Max; below 30% requires longer cures
  • RECOAT TIME: 2 hrs/Min; 24 hrs max @ 75°

Ramuc Swimming Pool Slide Clear Coating 0.5 (half) Gallon Kit Technical Information COMPATIBILITY: Remove existing coatings for best results; coating over aged epoxies or other coatings may result in premature loss of adhesion.: Remove existing coatings for best results; coating over aged epoxies or other coatings may result in premature loss of adhesion.

JOINT AND CRACK FILLER: Plaster or concrete surfaces should be tested for integrity and soundness. Power wash to remove loose paint and dirt. Check for soundness by using a ballpeen hammer. Should any minor repairs be made, such as hydraulic cement or crack joint filling, do this at this time. Do not use silicone- based materials, as paint adhesion will be adversely affected. Vulkem 116 may be used to fill the cracks.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Coating performance, in general, is proportional to the degree of surface preparation. Follow recommendations carefully, avoiding shortcuts. Inadequate surface preparation of surfaces will virtually assure inadequate coating performance. We recommend using Clean and Prep Solution by Ramuc. the complete surface preparation product to clean and etch the surface prior to painting. It takes the place of TSP/Etch/TSP. Follow directions. As an alternative, use Tri-sodium phosphate, sulfamic or muriatic acid TSP to neutralize. Scrub with TSP to remove contaminants, followed by etching with 15-20% solution or sulfamic or muriatic acid to achieve a medium sandpaper grade finish. If surface is exceptionally hard, repeat or use mechanical means, taking care not to gouge the surface. Follow with TSP to neutralize, being careful to flush thoroughly. New concrete should cure for 28 days; fast cure cementitious mixtures, including hydraulic cement, can reduce this waiting time.

CONDENSATION TEST: After all cleaning is completed, allow the surface to dry. Average time varies according to climate and porosity of the substrate. 1) Tape at least three 2 x 2 pieces of transparent plastic or plyethylene sheeting to several areas on the slide. 2) Wait about 4 hours to determine if condensation has formed underneath the plastic. 3) If condensation is evident, the surface is not dry enough to paint. 4) Remove the plastic and wait 24 hours to perform the test again and continue until no condensation forms. This ensures that the surface is dry enough to apply paint.

APPLICATION: Use 3/8” nap, non-shedding roller used for solvent based paints. DO NOT use rollers with cardboard cores. Be sure to have several rollers on hand and change out every 3-45 minutes in order to keep longer working time. Brush application should only be employed for cut in, small areas, touch-ups and repairs. This coating should be protected from high humidity, dew and direct moisture until firm. Exposure prior to being a firm film may result in loss of floss, micro bubbling and/or blistering of the product. Humidity level lower than 30% will require longer cure times. Do not apply in the middle of the day when outgassing of cementitious surfaces will most likely occur and create micro bubbling. It is best applied in the early morning (provided no moisture) or late afternoon, as the temperatures are dropping. Do not paint if rain is imminent. Ideal temperatures are between 50° and 90° surface temperature, although the coating is tolerant of lower temperatures.

MIXING THE PAINT: Power mix separately, then combine the power mix again. If split, components must be used the same day. Mix no more than what can be used in a 35 minute window. Higher temperatures can shorten the pot life. Slide Coat has working time of 30-40 minutes. Once mixed, use immediately. SPRAYING IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

WORKING TIME: 30-45 minutes at 75°. Higher temperatures will shorten working time.

THINNING: Thinning is not normally required

READY FOR USE: 24 hours; final cure 7 days.

LEAN UP: Xylene, Ramuc Thinner or VOC compliant thinners in VOC restricted areas.

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