Polaris ATLAS XT Suction Side Swimming Pool Cleaner FSATLASXT

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Polaris ATLAS XT Suction Side Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

The Polaris ATLAS XT suction-side cleaner introduces HALO™ technology that provides advanced debris removal for fine silt and long, larger, debris. Combined with concentrated scrubbing action that removes stuck-on debris and powerful turbines that generate unsurpassed climbing ability the, ATLAS XT cleaner covers your entire pool — regardless of the pool’s surface — from floor to waterline.

The ATLAS XT cleaner comes equipped with spinning brushes that agitate and remove fine, stuck-on debris from a pool’s surface and directs particles towards the suction inlet, resulting in a spotless, floor-to-wall clean.

Powerful turbines beneath the cleaner generate extreme force providing exceptional climbing capabilities — allowing ATLAS XT to clean and scrub the floor, walls, and waterline on all pool surfaces.

The ATLAS XT cleaner comes with programmed navigation that ensures complete pool coverage with efficient patterning that enable it to turn right and/or left to traverse the pool leaving no spot uncleaned.

Robust treads minimize wear-and-tear extending the longevity of the ATLAS XT cleaner’s tracks and providing excellent traction for climbing any pool surface.


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Polaris ATLAS XT Suction Side Swimming Pool Cleaner FSATLASXT

  1. Bill C

    It beats my former pool sweeper by a whole lot. It was built in a way that makes it easy to replace parts, such as the brushes or tractor bands. Who ever designed it made it simple but effective at cleaning. It climbs the walls better than most. When it turns over it rights itself. The speed is adjusted in seveal ways. The speed of the pump determines the basic adjustment. Fine adjusts are done by varying simple valves.

  2. William Osborn

    I’ve been using my Atlas XT suction side pool cleaner for 4 months now. It does a good job cleaning the pool with the usual exception of steps and shelves. My only negative comment is that the rubber pieces that spin and brush the pool surface broke off after only 4 months. The brushes are considered wear parts by Polaris so are not warranted, yet given these parts only last 4 months, Polaris should throw a couple replacement sets in the box when they sell the unit. I ordered a couple sets of replacement brushes online for $16 each which doesn’t break the bank, just a bit irritating to need such frequent maintenance.

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