Pentair 2 in. Adapter Kit CVA-24T To Ortega Valve OVA2


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CVA-24T To Ortega Valve 2 in. Adapter Kit made by Pentair OVA2


Used to adapt Compool CVA-24T Valve Actuator to 2 Ortega 3-port valve.


  • Adapter Plate
  • Cover O-ring Seal
  • Cover O-ring Seals (3ea.)
  • Shaft Coupling
  • Shaft Coupling Mounting Screws (2 ea.)
  • Valve Handle
  • Valve Knob


  1. Remove handle, cover, stop screw and o-ring seals from Ortega
    Valve. Save cover screws.
  2. Insert new O-ring Seals into bottom of Adapter Plate. Lubricate
    Seals with Compool Silicone Grease. In retrofit applications, it
    is advisable to remove the valve diverter and lubricate diverter
    seal at this time.

    • Valves should be inspected and serviced at lease once a year. The valve diverter should be well lubricated, the O-ring seals should be intact, and the diverter should fit snugly and rotate smoothly
  3. Mount Adapter plate to valve, using the existing cover screws.
  4. Attach Shaft Coupling to valve shaft. ensure that pointer is
    oriented in the direction of theopenvalve port. Secure
    Coupling with Mounting Screws. Tighten Screws completely.
  5. Attach Valve Handle to Valve Actuator, and secure with Valve
  6. Connect cable between Valve Actuator, and Power Center.
    Line-up and attach Valve Actuator to Shaft Coupling in this
    position, reverse the cable plug on the side of the Valve
    Actuator so that the Actuator rotates to the correct position.
  7. Secure to Adapter plate with Valve Actuator Mounting Screws.

Pentair Adapter Kit, Size: 2 Inch, Includes: Adapter Plate, Cover O-Ring Seal, Shaft Coupling, Shaft Coupling Mounting Screws, Valve Handle, Valve Knob, For Use With: CVA-24T to Ortega(R) Valve, Actuator


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