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Hayward Pro-Grid Micro-Clear Filter Backwash Slide Valve SP0410X502S


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Hayward Replacement Micro-Clear and Pro-Grid Swimming Pool and Spa Filters Push and Pull Slide Backwash Valve SP0410X502S

  • 2 inch Pipe Size
  • 2 Valve Positions
  • DE2420 Slide Valve,
  • DE3620 Slide Valve,
  • DE4820 Slide Valve,
  • DE6020 Slide Valve,
  • DE7020 Slide Valve,
  • DE2420 Backwash Valve,
  • DE3620 Backwash Valve,
  • DE4820 Backwash Valve,
  • DE6020 Backwash Valve,
  • DE7020 Backwash Valve
  • 25831-004-000
  • made by CMP


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