Hayward H-Series FD Heater Header O-Ring Kit FDXLFOR1930


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Hayward FD Heater Header O-Ring Kit FDXLFOR1930


  1. Turn pump, main gas valve, and heater power off.
  2. Remove drain plug and drain water out of heat exchanger.
  3. Remove 7 screws and remove the upper plastic heater side panel and black sheet metal trim panel, to allow access to the header (see Figure 1 for screw locations).
  4. Disconnect wires on pressure switch, temperature sensor, and temperature limits (see Figure 2).
  5. Remove 8 5/16″ bolts, washers, and spacers, and remove header and mounting bases by pulling straight out from heater (see Figure 2).
  6. Remove bypass cartridge from the header. Replace all o-rings with the new ones in this kit. Apply silicone o-ring grease (Hayward Jack’s 327 Multilube P/N SP032712, or equivalent) on o-ring seals on bypass cartridge, mounting bases, and heat exchanger tubes before re-assembly.
  7. Insert bypass cartridge into header with the arrow on the end of the cartridge pointing up.
  8. Re-install cartridge retaining nut. Nut should be tightened hand-tight only. D0 NOT OVER-TIGHTEN.
  9. Re-install header assembly on heater.
  10. Tighten 5/16″ bolts to a torque of 75-100 in-lbs (6-8 ft-lbs).
  11. Re-install upper plastic heater side panel and blacksheet metal trim panel.


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