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Bio-Dex Swimming Pool pH Stability Borate Plus 40Lb. BORATE40


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Bio-Dex Swimming Pool pH Stability Borate Plus 40Lb. Bucket BORATE40

Bio-Dex Swimming Pool pH Stability Borate Plus 40Lb. Bucket BORATE40 helps with

  • Control Metals
  • Swimming Pool pH Buffer
  • Softer and cleaner water
  • Lower chlorine demand
  • Less calcium carbonate scaling on the plates of saltwater generators

As you know, Borates Provide Many Benefits To Your Swimming Pool.

Borate is a chemical compound, consisting of both boron and oxygen. The chemical formula of this compound is BO3. The output of this chemical is a salt that is a multi-functioning asset for swimming pool chemistry. This is due to the fact that borate serves as a buffer between the water and the bacteria that gets into your pool. Borate does a great job regulating your water and keeping it well balanced. What follows are some of the most impactful reasons to treat your water with borate.

Borate Keeps Your pH Under Control
When your pH level drifts past the level that is considered “normal” (around 7.8), something has to be done to fix it. Chlorine becomes a lot less effective once this pH threshold is reached, allowing bacteria to form. Borate then steps in and counteracts this problem, stabilizing the pH and bringing the value back to a normal number. This treatment has many beneficial perks. The first is preventing algae and calcium scaling on the top of the pool surface. Also, when the pool’s pH level goes below the recommended level the water can start to erode your fixtures. Borate does a good job “regulating” the pH and preventing the water from swaying too far towards being acidic or basic.

Borate Reduces the Need for Chlorine
Chlorine is a useful tool for pool chemistry, but it has damaging effects. Chlorine in high and direct exposure has been “linked to skin cancers and other harmful diseases” (Source). The more your pH level fluctuates, the greater your need for chlorine treatment. You should want to keep your necessary chlorine treatment to a minimum. This is because more chlorine means more costs, along with the typical side effects it offers. With the use of borate, you can keep your chlorine usage to a minimum, which greatly benefits the swimmers in your pool.



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