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Polaris Booster Pump Parts

polaris booster pump diagram
1 P5 Volute (Includes Drain Plug)
2 P15 Impeller
3 P55 Seal
4 P95 Bracket O-Ring
5 P10 Bracket
6 P35 Bolt, Stainless, Bracket to Motor
7 P40 O-Ring for Shaft
8 B121 Polaris Booster Pump Motor 0.75 HP
P61 Motor, ¾ HP, Threaded Shaft, 60 Hz
9 P25 Bolt/Nut, Stainless for Volute to Bracket
10 P80 Rubber Strip, Motor/Bracket
11 P70 Pump Stand w/ Feet, Strip
12 P75 Rubber Feet
13 P65 Bolt, SS, Stand to Bracket and Motor
14 P20 1⁄8″ NPTM Plug, Plastic
15 P17 Installation Kit, Softube Quick Connects
16 P19 Pump Hose, 6 ft., Flexible Reinforced
17 P133 Softube Quick Connect
18 P21 Pump Quick Connect Retainer
V40-401 Shaft Screw
V40-116 Shaft
Pressure Hose 2 ft
HPF8C Booster Pump Polaris Hose to Pipe Brass Adapter
Not Shown in the Diagram.
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