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Is PoolRx Safe for Dogs?

Wondering if PoolRx Safe for Dogs?

Is PoolRx Safe for Dogs?

Is PoolRx Safe for Dogs?

PoolRx is an EPA Registered swimming pool Algaecide, but is it safe for my dog?

PoolRx has been tested by the stringent safety testing guidelines of the FIFRA.
PoolRx is a EPA Registered swimming pool algaecide approved for sale Federally and by individual states in the United States. When PoolRx is used as directed, it is completely safe for you and your dog. Also when sing PoolRx you can reduce the amount of chlorine you use in your swimming pool by about 50% and eliminate the use of all other specialty chemicals enhancing the swimming pool water quality.

Can my dog drink swimming pool water that has PoolRx in it?

The answer is yes. If your dog drink the water from the swimming pool that was treated with PoolRx, they will be fine.
As dog lovers ourselves, please don’t have your swimming pool water be the only source of drinking water for your dogs.

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