When Should I Use PoolRx Booster Unit?

How Do I Know When to Add PoolRx Booster Unit?

When Should I Use PoolRx Booster Unit?

When Should I Use PoolRx Booster Unit?

What is a PoolRx Booster?

A PoolRx Booster is 8oz. of the PoolRx minerals. PoolRx Booster can support 7.5K-20K gallons of swimming pool water.
PoolRx Booster minerals are used for the following:

  1. Longer pool seasons – beyond 4-6 months
  2. Tough conditions – the harder the PoolRx  minerals work, the shorter their lifespan
  3. Green Pools –  PoolRx minerals get used up from Algae kill, backwashing or cleaning swimming pool filter, so you will likely need to add a booster before 4-6 months
  4. Larger Swimming Pools – you need to have the right amount of PoolRx minerals in the swimming pool water based on total gallons, so the chemistry works.

Whether purchased as a part of a PoolRx unit or as PoolRx Booster the minerals are the exact same formula and will do the exact same thing. PoolRx minerals completely dissolve into solution within a few hours of being placed in your pool skimmer or pump basket and form a residual throughout the pool water for up to 6 months. Over the 6-month period you will lose these minerals through algae kill, backwashing or cleaning swimming pool filter and splash out. In order to keep the PoolRx minerals active for up to 6 months, you must also have the PoolRx alloy cylinder in the water.
Without making contact with the cylinder, the minerals will lose their effectiveness within 2-4 weeks of install.

I can’t test for PoolRx minerals in the water, how do I know when I should use PoolRx Booster?

Your may use PoolRx Booster Unit when/if:

  1. It’s been 4-6 months since you first installed PoolRx unit.
  2. Your chlorine demand in swimming pool water goes back up to where it was prior to installing PoolRx unit.
  3. Your swimming water is cloudy, or you start to see algae
    Note: Because a small amount of minerals are still working in the swimming pool water you will notice a gradual change over about a two week period. This gives you plenty of time to add a PoolRx Booster Unit or new PoolRx unit.
    Reminder: PoolRx minerals are used up from Algae kill, backwashing swimming pool filter or cleaning it and splash out. The more above mentioned factors happen, the shorter the lifespan of the minerals.
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