Can I Use Other Copper-Based Algaecides with PoolRx?

Wondering if I Can Use Other Copper-Based Algaecides with PoolRx?

Can I Use Other Copper-Based Algaecides with PoolRx?

Can I Use Other Copper-Based Algaecides with PoolRx?

I Have PoolRx in My Pool, Can Use Other Copper-Based Algaecides?

The answer is No. Do not use other copper based products with PoolRx.

If your copper reading before adding PoolRx is at 0.2ppm or less, it’s OK to add PoolRx. If above 0.2ppm then address that issue first before installing PoolRx.

Note: PoolRx unit is adding the right amount of specially chelated copper to the pool water, at the right time, the minerals are rejuvenated when they pass over the specially treated alloy cylinder in the PoolRx unit and the minerals are used up and filtered out over time (4-6 months), so we never get to a saturation point when used PoolRx as directed.
Also keep in mind, if you do saturate the water, it won’t be the chelated minerals that fall out do to pH fluctuation or over oxidation, it will be the free non chelated copper that will cause the problem.

Once PoolRx is “in solution” it will not “fall out”. Understand that if you “overdose” the pool with PoolRx, the minerals will not have room to dissolve “into solution” and can stay in granular form. They will settle to the bottom or stick to the
scale. That’s why it’s important to size the swimming pool properly. As with all pool products that depend on chemistry, swimming pool sizing is important. Choosing the correct size PoolRx unit based on total gallon is important. If you undersize the unit, it won’t work. If you over size / overdose, the minerals won’t have room to dissolve properly. Depending on the size
you are supporting you may need to add additional PoolRx Booster Minerals to support the total gallons of the pool.
We need the right amount of minerals in the water to reach the level where algae cannot exist.

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