How to Remove Phosphates From Swimming Pool Water

Wondering How to Remove Phosphates From Swimming Pool Water?

How to Remove Phosphates From Swimming Pool Water

How to Remove Phosphates From Swimming Pool Water

Swimming pools require regular maintenance and cleaning. These are essential things that should not be taken for granted. Swimming pool maintenance includes removing phosphates from water.

But what are phosphates? Phosphates are one of the substances that are present in your pool; along with much other stuff like nitrate and other things. The things about phosphate are that it promotes the growth of algae in your swimming pool which becomes the main cause of repeated algae infestation. And the more you see algae in your pool, the more frequent you would pour chlorine on it, however, doing that you’re not fixing the issue. The real issue is the phosphates in your swimming pool water and if you do not get rid of it, you will never get rid of the algae.

How do I know if there are phosphates in the pool water? There are simple swimming pool water phosphate tests which can be performed to evaluate if phosphate treatments are necessary, and the approximate concentration of phosphates in the water. There are liquid tests, tabs, and test strips available to accurately tell what your phosphate readings are. We have found the test strips to be fairly accurate, and BY FAR the easiest tests to perform, and analyze. We personally prefer to have no phosphates in the water at all, but in reality we generally do not use phosphate treatments until they reach about 200 ppb.

So how do your remove phosphates from your pool water?

To get rid of phosphates from swimming pool water you should use phosphate removers. But not all phosphate treatments are created equal! There are dramatic differences in the effectiveness across different brands. You should read the directions of phosphate removers carefully, and compare the dosage rates to see which ones are the most effective. These chemicals are not cheap, but when administered properly the result is a pool that is much easier to maintain throughout the year.

So phosphate are not the only cause of algaes in your pool and removing phosphates from your pool water does not mean that you will not have algaes in your pool ever.

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